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Southern Ontario Nature and Science Illustrators (SONSI) – September 23 – October 18, 2014  

This exhibit brings together a sampling of members’ works showcasing a variety of subjects and
styles. With this exhibit we hope to promote our discipline as well as to inspire wonder and
contemplation of the subjects we’ve rendered.
Formed in 2010, SONSI (Southern Ontario Nature and Science Illustrators) is a diverse group of
illustrators and artists in the region whose work focuses on science and nature with varying
backgrounds, specialties and levels of experience.
Among SONSI’s goals is a desire to promote their discipline to the general public and to educate
the public about science and nature through their work. Accurate realism is sometimes their
aim but their work can range into imaginative elucidation of the concepts of science.
SONSI believes that the general public will find their contemporary science and nature
illustrations to be uniquely interesting and relevant to current issues we face as a society.
Opening Reception Saturday October 18, 2014 at 2pm

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Double Vision – Debbie Richards and Diane Stewart (August 26 – Sept 20, 2014)

Exploring the shared bond between twins and the vast Canadian landscape that

both separates them and through shared artistic vision, brings them closer.

Debbie Richards & Diane Stewarton explores the shared bond between twins and the vast Canadian landscape that both separates them and through shared artistic vision, brings them closer.

Artist’s Bio:

Debbie Richards, a Saskatchewan artist, interprets her vision through one-of-a-kind, abstract artistic quilts based on Canadian landscapes. Debbie builds the pieces using traditional quilting techniques then layers textures and shapes on top. Debbie’s career has been one of lifelong creativity and innovation, highlighted by her achievements as an award-winning quilt artist and designer. Debbie is also the creator of DJ Richards Design through which she publishes original patterns for other people to enjoy.

Artist’s Bio:

Diane Stewart, a Northern Ontario artist, portrays the images through a unique method of textile mosaic, building depth and texture using hundreds of tiny fabric pieces. Diane has worked for over thirty years to perfect her skill experimenting with multimedia, adding layers of textile and beadwork to her watercolour paintings, leading to the development of her current technique.

Diane’s layered textile mosaic pieces have enjoyed success locally and across Canada.

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Brenda Sullivan – Dragon Clay Pottery (June 27 – August 23, 2014)

Dragon Clay Functional Pottery

Brenda Sullivan

June 27 – August 23, 2014

Influenced and taught by Rosalie Namer at MacDonald College, Pierre Legault of Quebec and many others associated with OCA and Fusion the Ontario Clay and Glass Association, Brenda’s work is based on natural elements that pre-date recorded history.  Dragons, Mythology, and a touch of Art Nouveau can be found in many pieces that Brenda creates. Teapots are a perfect vehicle for combining funk with functional where she strives to end the battle of art verses craft. She is always pushing those boundaries and they are usually infused with her quirky sense of humour.  She considers tea and laughter the best medicine to calm and cure anything from broken hearts to frazzled nerves.

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Tony Bianco – A Portrait of Canada (June 27 – July 26, 2014)

After traveling across Canada for a year, artist Tony Bianco has created a portrait of our National Parks that will renew your appreciation for our country.

Artist Bio:

Tony Bianco has been painting professionally for over 27 years.  His work depicts the beauty of Canada, Europe and his imagination.  His work has been collected widely both in Canada and internationally.

Striving for beauty and a spiritual element in his work, he paints to uplift the viewer by making the ordinary extraordinary.

As well painting, he has been honoured to be the designer of over 30 coins for the Royal Canadian Mint, including our 2 dollar coin, Olympic coins and many commemorative and collector coins.

Tony resides in the Mount St. Louis area of Ontario with his wife and 2 children.

Artist Statement:

I am inspired by beauty, and the sacred quality of the world around us.  I strive to elevate our day to day experiences and record them in my work.

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Rural Connections (Lynda Cunningham & David Greaves) May 6- May 31, 2014


Lynda Cunningham was born in Scarborough, Ontario where her affinity for animals and art quickly became apparent. A move in her early teens to the countryside north of Toronto nurtured her love for rural living. Lynda’s artwork and love of rural living are easily combined with raising her family on her farm near Sunderland, Ontario. With no formal art training, her menagerie of animals is a constant theme in her work.

Lynda shows regularly in southern Ontario, including the Buckhorn Art Festival, Uxbridge Studio Tour and the Fall Art Sale at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario. Lynda is an elected member of the Ontario Society of Artists


David Greaves was born in Yorkshire, England. He attended Art School where he graduated in graphic design. After arriving in Canada, David worked in several commercial art studios before opening his own design firm.

Although basically a self-taught watercolourist, David’s work was influenced by England’s, John Yardley and the late John Blockley. David has had several group and one man shows in Scarborough, Markham, Millbrook, Mississauga, Kleinburg and Wellington, Ontario. His paintings hang in many private and corporate collections, including the DuPont Foundation. Despite a reverence for old rural buildings, David’s paintings also reflect landscapes, seascapes and florals. A subtle use of palette and light infuses David’s work with a serene and inviting ambience.

David works out of his studio home near Cannington, Ontario.

Artist Statement

Lynda Cunningham

Artist Statement:

Natural settings inspire my paintings, the timbers and fieldstone of a barn, horses in harness and sheep in the winter looking for some extra warmth.

I am fascinated with the contrast of light and dark, how the late winter sun streaming in an open barn door illuminates steam that is rising from an ewes back and the shadows from a harness dance across a horse’s gleaming coat.

The main focus of my art is horses. The first time I saw horses plowing, I felt like I had come home. I realized that I was witnessing a partnership that went back centuries. I admire the amount of skill and patience needed by both the teamsters and their teams. I truly believe working the land with horses is an art and the admiration that I have for those who choose to follow this way of life is reflected in my paintings.

My barn is my muse. For over a century it has withstood wind and rain, sheltered animals and the hay to feed them. When I enter, the sheep call out and the horses wait for their grain and I am content with the knowledge that something of our rural past is still valued on my farm.

David Greaves

Artist Statement:

“Like many artists I labored to find my own style. Eventually my style found me but even now I am constantly experimenting with new colours and techniques. Some of these processes are intriguingly unpredictable with results that range from surprising to unsatisfying to exhilarating. I would rather take a gamble and accept the consequences than be timid and compromise a painting. I relish the spontaneity of watercolours as a medium. When I come across a scene that speaks to me, I tend to rough out a quick sketch on the spot and then take it home to refine and develop it into a painting back in my studio.”

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Breakthrough Creations – Dale Sutton (March 4 – April 26, 2014)



Dale Sutton’s passion for fibre and form morphs yet again.  Her wall hangings and quilts have always showcased both her love of nature and her talents with colour, texture and composition.

She will now be displaying her unique felted vessels.  They are layered with colours, beading, found objects, and unexpected discoveries, making them all distinctive pieces of art.

Dale’s show will also include some of her dyed silk and hand-crafted shawls, which, juxtaposed against the vessels, create lovely contrasts in colour and form.



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Art & Artifacts of India (Ann Louise Smith) – April 1 – April 26, 2014


Artist and author, Ann Louise Smith had dreams of becoming an artist many years ago even though she had not touched a brush to canvas.

Ann Louise began painting in 1995 when, after retiring, she joined an oil painting class in Florida. Since moving to Lindsay in 1998 she went on to try painting in watercolours as well as taking art classes through The Lindsay Gallery and travelling to P.E.I. for classes in watercolours and acrylics.

For several years Ann Louise has been extremely busy compiling a book about her Uncle,

Dr. Walter G. Anderson M.D., experiences during WW11, entitled “Canadian Missionary POW on the Death Railway” with the book being launched here in Lindsay in April 2009.

Ann Louise has found her speaking engagements throughout the City of Kawartha Lakes over the past five years to be very rewarding and looks forward to sharing her paintings and family treasurers with The Lindsay Gallery


Artist Statement

“My uncle, Dr. Walter G. Anderson M.D. and my mother Marion were both born and raised in India by their parents in the early 1900’s.

Uncle Walter earned his B.A. and M.D. at the University of Toronto during 1924 to 1934. In 1937 Uncle Walter’s dream of following in his parent’s footsteps came true when the United Church of Canada as a Medical Missionary, a position that Walter filled for the next 39 years, appointed him to India.

During World War ll however, Uncle Walter was inscripted by the British Indian Army and consequently taken prisoner by the Japanese for 3 ½ years on the Burma/Thailand Railway attending to the sick and wounded.

My art depicts scenes of India taken from my grandparent’s photos found buried in trunks for 57 years.”


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